Wine Country Wedding | Rachel + Jeremy

Wine Country Wedding

Rachel and Jeremy’s wine country wedding kicked off at a private estate overlooking the Napa Valley. The guests were treated to an engaging henna party, courtesy of The Henna Lounge. The Bouchaib Abdelhadi Band played Moroccan melodies, while the guests had their hands decorated, mingled, and sipped on refreshments. The pinnacle of the evening was the arrival of the belly dancer. She delighted the guests and twirled around the pool. Eventually, even a sword appeared. (The sword theme would echo again on the wedding day). Inspired by the gyrations of the belly dancer, the guests swirled around Rachel and Jeremy as they danced into the evening.

The following day, Rachel and her girls got ready at the Ambrose Bierce House in Napa. Jeremy and the boys suited up at the private estate where the wedding ceremony would take place. Rachel and Jeremy met in an emotional first look, and then were joined by their dog, Finn, who was elated to see them both. Rachel and Jeremy’s wine country wedding took place on a spacious lawn, amidst elegant outdoor sculptures. Sam Misner and Megan Smith provided an airy and folksy soundtrack. The moving Jewish ceremony was conducted by a Cantor who was also a longtime family friend. After the breaking of the glass and the first kiss, the guests retired to cocktail hour. There, one of the groomsmen used a sword to slice open a bottle of champagne! I conducted a family and wedding party photo session, and then everyone headed out to the wedding reception at the Culinary Institute of America in Napa. The guests were treated to gorgeous fall decor. Pat Friday Flowers provided the florals and La Tavola spread the linens. Everything was bathed in moody lighting from Illusions. After some moving speeches from family and friends, the Lucky Devils Band rocked the dance floor well into the Napa night!

Kathy Higgins, the premier wine country wedding planner, brought Rachel and Jeremy’s wine country wedding day together beautifully. For an even better flavor of the day, check out Rachel and Jeremy’s wedding film.

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