Campovida Wedding | Corinne + Dominic

Corinne and Dominic threw an awesome freakin’ party for their Campovida wedding. Even when we were doing our engagement session at Baker Beach I already knew that the hardest thing about photographing these two would be trying to pry them apart, even for a moment. During their wedding day they were so crazy connected, it made my job very very easy. Campovida is an incredible space because while it’s so self-contained, it’s also very spread out, so that each part of the day takes place in a new, leafy green environment. You walk through mazes of gardens and down hidden paths, and of course for yours truly this kind of variety is a dream come true. Anyway, less talk-ey, more pictur-ey. Enjoy the beautiful Campovida wedding celebration of this amazing couple. When you’ve enjoyed that, take a look at another wedding at Campovida.
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