Clift Hotel Wedding | Stella + Ilya

I’ve long admired the Clift Hotel as one of the most intriguing and stylish spots in San Francisco. When Stella and Ilya invited me to document their Clift Hotel wedding, I immediately started visualizing all the cool shots we’d take together. What I quickly realized when I arrived on the wedding day, however, was that the setting was only a small part of the story. The real story unfolded as the incredible connection between Stella and Ilya became apparent. From the first moment, at the first look, when they saw one another, they were literally inseparable. Throughout the day, Ilya would close his eyes, inhale deeply, and just absorb the reality of those moments. Stella would light up as soon as Ilya got close, gazed at her, touched her, kissed her. During the ceremony in the Clift Hotel’s Spanish Suite, the Rabbi wrapped the couple in a tallis – a Jewish prayer shawl – so tightly that they were pressed together. Their eyes were closed, and it was quite an incredible moment. I was very grateful to Erin (of Your Event By Erin), Stilya’s wedding planner, and Erica and the Clift Hotel wedding crew, for putting together such a colorful, beautiful and seamless day.
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