Classic San Francisco Engagement Session | Thea + Cliff

Last week, San Francisco delivered an epic lighting storm. It loud, intense, accompanied by thunder and howling winds. It was visually stunning. I could never have imagined that just a couple of days later, my engagement session with Thea and Cliff would be situated on such a gorgeous Saturday evening. The Embarcadero buzzed with people, and was bathed in glowing late afternoon sunlight, the rays bouncing off the sidewalks and buildings, the waterfront awash in contrast. Soon enough though, the dusk settled in, and the sky took on sharp blue and purple hues. As the evening presented all of these gifts, Thea, Cliff and I explored the Embarcadero area along the Ferry Building and Justin Herman Plaza, looking for colors, textures, reflections. There was so much fun to be had, we didn’t really want to leave. But eventually, we took our engagement shoot towards AT&T park, where crowds of people had gathered for the Giants’ opening weekend game. Thea and Cliff donned their Giants gear, and just as we started taking pictures, a fireworks display erupted above the park. I was instantly reminded of last week’s storm. Except here we were, right below it all, so much energy released right above our heads. It was an amazing moment! The fireworks were a stunning experience and an awesome visual conclusion to our classic San Francisco engagement shoot. Congrats, Thea and Cliff! If this is how we kick things off, I can’t wait for the fanfare of your big day!
classic san francisco engagement session embarcadero
classic san francisco engagement session embarcadero
san francisco engagement session att park embarcadero ferry building


  1. by Gina on April 17, 2012  1:48 pm


  2. by robert pacheco on April 18, 2012  1:54 am

    Congrats cliff, love the photos.

  3. by Lizette Linayao on April 18, 2012  3:06 am

    Amazing photos, you can feel the connection between Cliff and Thea. I love the photo of the couple sitting on the floor with the two stair cases coming down on either side....its an aerial view. Purely amazing. Congrats to my free....

  4. by Cliff Hawkins on April 26, 2012  10:16 am

    Thanks to Sasha for capturing these amazing shots!!!!

  5. by Sarajane Case on May 3, 2012  4:00 pm

    Love the shot of them from above in the circle! Perfect.

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